Farewell Obama!, farewell Bush!

obaGone is the Satan’s Love Child, George Bush!


The world today greets American newly-elect President Barack Obama with new hopes and fresh expectations. All over the globe, more than 4 billion people watch this ‘colored’ head of state takes his galore.


However, will the US foreign policy change under Obama?


Being the first ‘black’ or ‘colored’ president in the history of the America, hopes can be fulfilled or dashed. Ever since George Washington called a ban on slavery, the trade still took place until 1910 while communal tension between the whites and blacks ravaged on.


Even today, the blacks are still looked down as second-class citizens. White domination in many aspects of life still thrives.


If guns can be easily obtained at any store without licence, can Obama control the flow of guns and ammunition supplies to Israel? As Bush openly admitted his mistakes in Iraq, will Obama bring all US troops home?


What set of foreign policy will he introduce? What kind of economic packages will he announce for the poor countries irrespective of their political and diplomatic detente?


What will be his stance towards North Korea, Palestine, Cuba and other ‘hardcore’ nations? What happens if Obama continue to adopt to Bush-way of dictating the United Nations?


Questions and many more. It is too early to praise or to judge him. Only time will tell. His first speech as the President will give us some insights but what happens next, only God knows.


What if there’s another attack on US interest like Sept 11, 2001? How will he react to it?
We can just pin our hope for a better world under him.

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